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We make and sell cubes, FOR FUN.
The chairman of MARU, Louis, is one of the most cubing-fever cubers in Taiwan.
In the first he wanted to find a speed cube but realized it's impossible to find one in common stores, he decided to make one by himself.
After some success of product promoting, we started to organize small and big competitions just because there were very few events in Taiwan then.
Though there are more and more WCA competitions per year, we still hold small games for the beginners, because IT IS FUN. So, when you decide to purchase your next cube or accessaries, be awared you should think first what is the meaning for.
Our suggestion, looking for fun, it should be the first priority ever.


The freight depends on the total amount of your order, orders get free shipping when the order reach to $120.
You may find that our freight is quite cheap, that's because we take a part the the freight, our shipping is safe and reliable.
We mainly ship your orders by EMS, DHL, and UPS. Except for some specific countries which have terrible delivery systems.
Usually delivery time is 1~2 weeks.

If we got your orders and payment but unable to ship, we will make full refund.

About Maru

We began selling MARU brand cubes in May, 2008 and became the most popular cube brand in Taiwan .

Our products are all designed for speedcubing. As a producer, we develop cubes for quality improvement, now we not just make cubes, stickers, and cube lubricants as well.

We also sponsor events including WCA competitions in Taiwan.

Our main purpose is to promote speedcubing to everyone, everywhere.


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