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Loobii V - The brand new ACTIVATOR lubricant.

Loobii V

Since Maru lube is the best cube lubricant, WHY you still need LOOBII V ?

Have you ever felt your cube too smooth to hold, after using Maru lube?

Have you ever thought the effect of Maru lube is always in too short time?

The Core lube is good, but too sticky?

Yes, you definitely need LOOBII V!

Loobii V is designed for mixing! It can be mixed with any kind of cube lubricant and make them more effective, last for longer, and keep in excellent state!


Let see how the best speedcuber in China Wang Ying-Hao(王鷹豪) says:

1434660036 rewards



 Wang talks about Maru lube and Core lube.


Wang talks about Loobii V.



Another speedcubing master - Tsai Yueh-Lin 蔡岳霖 (Taiwan) also recommends Loobii V as his main cube lubricant, let's see how he use it.



Every speedcubing master recommends Maru Loobii V, don't you miss it !!

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